Webinar on "Population-Based Approaches to Health Promotion" with Prof Bauman

Webinar Population Approaches

What is the difference between scale-up, implementation science and systems thinking?

We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming seminar on "Population Approaches to Health Promotion" and cordially invite you to attend.

Together with Professor Emeritus Adrian Bauman from the University of Sydney, we have organized a lecture on different approaches to health promotion at the population level. Prof Bauman will use real-world examples from the physical activity field to illustrate the differences between scaling up programs and implementation science, as well as discuss the relatively new research topic of systems thinking. Please find attached the presentation of Prof Adrian Bauman.

The seminar will take place online on June 21 at 16:00 at the following link: https://unibas.zoom.us/j/67424140958

We look forward to your attendance and questions.

The organizing committee