KaziPlay - participatory playground and sanitary facilities intervention

KaziPlay focuses on playgrounds and sanitary facilities at two partner schools in Port Elizabeth.

The emphasis is on the promotion of physical activity and health of primary school children. KaziPlay is designed to be participatory: Accompanied by local architects, sports science impulses as well as the everyday knowledge of the teachers flow into the concrete design of the intervention. The resulting plans are currently being implemented, with completion of the construction work planned for 2021.
The work is being carried out in close collaboration with the two South African architects Jacques Theron (from Werk_ Space) and Kevin Kimwelle (from Indalo World), partners from Nelson Mandela University and representatives of the elementary school Mzimhlophe and Machiu from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

For further information: https://kazibantu.org/index.php/kaziplay/