Forthcoming collaboration with Medtech Africa

Collaboration agreement between the University of Basel and Medtech Africa, Abuja, Nigeria, has been signed.

What is the collaboration agreement about?

The aim of the project proposed here is to disseminate KaziKidz in Nigeria and adapt it to the local context ("Play4Health" project), taking into account the local culture and history. In the first year, 120'000 learners in 320 schools (including 1'000 teachers and 1'200 trainers) will be reached. In the second year, 200'000 learners will be able to benefit from the KaziKidz teaching and learning material.

KaziKidz, developed in 2018, is a holistic educational tool which aims to lead children through content, games and activities, partly supported by music, and conducted in a joyful manner that encourages and promotes a healthy lifestyle throughout childhood and into adolescence.

The teaching material for pre-primary is based on the Namibian curriculum. The teaching materials (from grade 1 to 7) are aligned with South Africa’s Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), resulting in easy implementation and integration within school structures. Used by teachers in low-resourced settings, school children are led through the content with games and playful activities, partly supported by music, and ultimately promoting a healthy lifestyle from childhood into adolescence.

The KaziKidz lessons plans, covering pre-primary and grade 1 to 7, entail cue-card summaries and sing-along-songs in which three content pillars are used:

  • Physical Education
  • Moving-to-Music
  • Health, Hygiene and Nutrition Education.

There are also multiple cartoons available to support learning. The envisaged collaboration with Medtech Africa will be approached in the spirit and support of the two UNESCO flagship projects Quality Physical Education"  and Fit4Life"  and is supported by the Novartis Foundation and the HealthTech Hub Africa.