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Webinar with Dr. Keita Kamijo

Webinar on childhood fitness and cognition with Dr. Keita Kamijo

We are delighted to invite you to our PPHS “Invite your Expert” event with Dr. Keita Kamijo. Dr. Kamijo is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Chukyo University of Japan. Join us to enjoy Dr. Kamijo's…
University of Namibia

Collaboration with the University of Namibia

Supported by a grant from the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), the UNESCO Chair activities in Namibia can be expanded
Webinar Population Approaches

Webinar on "Population-Based Approaches to Health Promotion" with Prof Bauman

What is the difference between scale-up, implementation science and systems thinking?
Grip strength

Is grip strength linked to body composition and cardiovascular risk markers in primary schoolchildren?

News from the KaziAfya study - cross-sectional data from three African countries
Measurement of hypertension

There is a need to develop standardized and inclusive norms for the identification of pediatric hypertension in South Africa

African children are underrepresented in international blood pressure management guidelines, leading to a potential misidentification of their cardiovascular risk - Results from the KaziBantu study
Body composition

Effects of a school-based health intervention program on body composition

News and results from the KaziAfya cluster randomized controlled trial, a study also conducted in South Africa
Allergy Study

Association between allergic sensitization and intestinal parasite infection

While protozoa infection is negatively associated with allergic sensitization in general, infection with geohelminths are associated with a lower risk of polysensitization in schoolchildren - News from the DASH study
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SACE accreditation of the KaziKidz Foundation Phase Short Learning Program

KaziBantu has received accreditation of its first Short Learning Program
Study Design KaziBantu Sustainability Study

Study protocol published to evaluate the sustainability of KaziBantu

Publication of the study protocol to evaluate the sustainability of a school-based health intervention for prevention of non-communicable diseases in marginalised communities - News from the KaziBantu project
Teachers Day 2021

World Teachers’ Day: Celebrating heroes who make a difference

In honor of world teachers’ day - a short story about teachers who have made a difference in the KaziBantu project